University of Cambridge, Centre for Risk Studies Summit.

Managing Future Cyber Risks.

Creating Solutions to mitigate Cyber Risk.

The prestigious University of Cambridge, Centre for Risk Studies, recently held a summit with leading experts, discussing the future of Cyber Risks.

The Centre for Risk Studies has put cyber risk at the forefront of conversations, and is bridging the gap between cyber security and the impact on real business outcomes. It is creating scenarios as a trusted, independent organisation. Through these scenarios, taking care of what is exploitable is at the solution forefront. Getting back to basics, educating people and creating a security awareness community, is where investment is really needed for effective future cyber risk solutions.

Breaches destroy infrastructure and cost billions of pounds

Increased technological advancements, artificial intelligence and use of the internet, can all see mega breaches coming into play that can destroy total infrastructure and cost billions of pounds.

It was a common consensus amongst expert opinions at the summit, that a security strategy, solely focusing on technology, is a flawed strategy.

Cyber Risk is a Human Risk

A massive 90% of cyber security attacks come from human error – the people within a targeted business.  Unwittingly opening an email attachment, sharing an email, detailing credentials within fake webpages to name but a few ways in. At this highly prestigious event it was agreed that a strategy that encompasses People, Process and Technology combined, is imperative.


Stephen Burke the CEO and Founder of Cyber Risk Aware, has been working at the sharp end of cyber security since 2009, and is a regular speaker on the subject internationally and on UK television and radio.

An expert in his field, Stephen spoke at the summit, detailing the need for ‘Changing Workplace Behaviour: Building more effective Human Firewalls.’ He said: “We have to help people in their personal and work lives if we are to effectively combat cyber-crime and reduce cyber risks to an acceptable level.”

Stephen is an advocate for fostering a culture of awareness and togetherness, and sees the people within a company as the last line of defence – a HUMAN FIREWALL.

Real-Time Training Platform – confronting risky behaviour as it happens

Through Cyber Risk Aware, Stephen and his team have created a one of a kind Real Time Training Platform. It confronts risky human behaviour as it happens, through simulated phishing attacks, interventions and security awareness training, aimed to mitigate human error, educate and prevent future cyber risks.

Free trial

If you are interested in learning more about Cyber Risk Aware’s Real Time Training, you can request a free trial or speak to a member of the team who are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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