Benefits of Cyber Risk Aware Behaviour Change Security Awareness Training [BCSAT]

By implementing Cyber Risk Aware’s human cyber risk management and behaviour change technology, our clients have obtained cost savings of up to 83% compared to traditional SAT methods. A return of investment of up to 1000% against a single security incident is also very achievable.

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Return on Investment by implementing Cyber Risk Aware Behaviour Change Security Awareness Training (BCSAT)
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Benefits of Cyber Risk Aware Behaviour Change Security Awareness Training [BCSAT]

Based on your organisation's information and Cyber Risk Aware's unique Behaviour Change Security Awareness Training the benefits to you include :

  • Contextualise and automate your training delivery.
  • Reduce your security awareness training costs by up to 83%.
  • Provide a return on investment of up to 1000% against a single security breach.
  • Provide a return on investment of up to 500% against tranditional SAT.
  • Increase the impact and benefits of the training delivered.
  • Reduce security breach risk through impactful and contextualised employee BCSAT.
Cost Savings by implementing Cyber Risk Aware Behaviour Change Security Awareness Training (BCSAT)
“Spray and Pray”
Cyber Risk Aware Behaviour Change SAT
Human Cost of Training
(Average per Annum)
12 Manual Trainings
0 Response Trainings
2 Manual Trainings
4 Response Trainings
CRA reduces administrator training costs by reducing the number of manual training courses they must create annually
Human Cost of Learning
(Average per Annum)
7 Hours per Learner 2 Hours per Learner CRA reduces learner costs by sending less manual training and more behaviour change training.
Human Cost of SAT
(Average per Annum)

Context based training - not just tick the box, helping employees in their exact moment of need. Triggered by actual behaviours by staff. This by itself reduces the risk, the overhead of learners, overhead of training admin.Drastically lowering costs of security awareness training.

Cost of Training Per Annum is calculated based on the wage of Security Training Admin against the amount of hours needed to schedule training per employee compared to automated training where admin may only need to schedule training twice per annum

Cost of Learning Per Annum is calculated based on the 7 hour average time spent on training out of context compared to 2 hours average training with behaviour based automated training

These figures are based on organizational cost of Cyber Security Awareness training and does not include the cost of Cyber Risk Aware or competitor company’s security training costs.

We base our increased ROI on our automated and targeted product that reduces the time and costs associated with security awareness products against those that do not automatically respond to human behavior and thus rely on time and cost consuming “spray and pray” “Tick the box” manual products.

Cyber Risk Aware (CRA) goes beyond traditional scheduled security training by delivering a behaviour driven security awareness platform that delivers contextualised training in real-time. The CRA proposition is a SaaS platform unifying security training & risk assessment with network defence events, data analytics, with a behaviour database to create a ‘best in class’ human cyber risk management solution providing targeted real-time training at the ‘point of need’ to influence and drive more secure behaviours.

For clients this means that they can train their employees in their exact moment of need, i.e., when they display risky behaviour and don’t even realise it, they can focus their security training where it’s needed most – to their higher risk employees and teams, and the process is fully automated and tailorable and can send training content, policy reminders, data regulations and compliance standards to staff when they engage in risky cyber behaviour.


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All data in this document is sourced from industry experts and Cyber Risk Aware's knowledge of the cyber security awareness market.

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