Cyber Risk Aware Partners with NINJIO, Creators of Hollywood-Style Security Awareness Training Content


These are the 3 ingredients necessary for a security training content that is assimilated by employees and results in actual behavior change.

On this note, we are pleased to announce that Cyber Risk Aware is now in partnership with NINJIO, a foremost creator of security awareness training content that is both instructive and original. NINJIO’s content will be accessible to customers via our revolutionary phishing simulation and security training platform.

NINJIO’s ethos is to keep cyber-security¬†awareness ‚ÄúTop of Mind‚ÄĚ by creating engaging story-based training content on a frequent basis. Their library consists of animated videos (or episodes as they prefer to call them) either featuring a real-life company that has suffered a major breach or showing users how to avoid cyber threats. Each episode is about three to four minutes long making it easily digestible and is created and produced by a seasoned writer from Hollywood.

In order to keep users up to date with current threats, new episodes are released every 30 days, each story is fresh, engaging, and the same story is never told twice. In addition, each episode is designed to engage with the emotions of viewers, giving them an insight into the psychology of cyber criminals and how these threat agents are able to evade cyber-security systems. At the end of the episode, employees are expected to participate in a quiz to ensure that they’ve understood key information related to the attack vector that has been covered during the episode.

This partnership reinforces our commitment to offering a comprehensive phishing defence and security awareness solution that focuses on real threats and truly educate and empower employees to be the first line of defence against cyber-attacks. our industry-leading and user friendly integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform is helping thousands of companies worldwide  build a human firewall by delivering simulated mock phishing attacks, unique training courses and video content, security knowledge assessment quizzes and real-time interventions in response to risky user behaviour.

Using Cyber Risk Aware, companies have substantially reduced the material risk of employee error and been able to meet their audit and regulatory requirements in protecting systems and customer data from Ransomware, CEO Fraud and Malware attacks.


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