Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals (CIISec)  ACCREDITATION

Real-Time training platform provider Cyber Risk Aware, is proud to be awarded the industry’s highest level of training accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals (CIISec).

As a leading Cyber Security Awareness training provider, Cyber Risk Aware has achieved this accreditation with it’s unique behaviour driven, Real-Time training platform, developed to help businesses of all sizes reduce their cyber risk, by tackling the number one cause of an incident, human error.

Importance of defence

“With the rapid growth of cyber threats it has never been more important to ensure that Information Security Professionals are fully equipped to help the employees within their organisations to defend business and society from these threats.” said Katie Watson of CIISec. “We are delighted to be working with Cyber Risk Aware to raise standards of professionalism within the industry and ultimately protect businesses and government organisations against high level cyber threats.” she added.

Real-Time Training

Here at Cyber Risk Aware, we offer the world’s one and only behaviour driven security awareness platform that delivers Real-Time training content in response to staff activity on the network, rather than just on “schedule”, as seen with other providers. This is done through simulated phishing attacks, interventions, education and highly effective security awareness training.

Education and training essential to combat data breaches

“It is a well known fact that over 90% of data breaches and other security incidents are caused by human error,” says Stephen Burke, Co-founder of Cyber Risk Aware.
“Accredited training is the first step to combatting this. Education is most important and it is something that needs to happen across every level of the business. We are proud to be the first company to receive accreditation since the award of Royal Chartered Status of CIISec status. Cyber Risk Aware’s real-time training is unique and is opening up to the vanguard of security professionals in the industry so that they can take the very best training practices and employ them across their networks.”

Our aim is to mitigate human error, educate and prevent future cyber risks.

Free trial

Cyber risk is real. Human error is the main threat. If you’d like to educate your staff and protect your business using our accredited, world-leading Real-Time cyber security awareness training platform, we offer free trials to get you started. Find out more here.


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