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Educate your employees now before it's too late
Cyber Security Awareness Training Webinar Video Image - Cast with Confidence Phishing Simulation

Webinar – Cast with Confidence – A Phishing Simulation Master Class


The Cyber Risk Aware team share their experience gained from running phishing simulation campaigns for companies across the globe. As well as hearing an update on the current phishing trends learn about the correct strategy, planning and implementation of such campaigns, learn about what to do afterwards and how to develop the correct security and data protection culture in your organisation.


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Realtime Continuos Awareness Webinar Title Slide

Webinar - How to Replace your Traditional Security Awareness Program with Real Time Continuous Awareness


Learn how to transform your Security Awareness training by integrating your training platform with your technical defences and deliver real time the right message to the right user at the point where they are attempting a risky behaviour.


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Cyber Risk Aware Webinar Title Slide Mobile Security Headaches

Webinar - The Security Headache of Mobile Devices and How to Relieve Them


In this Webinar, we look specifically at mobile devices and what you need to know when thinking about securing those.


Technical defences are still part of the mix but t he small screen and design of Mobile email clients also make the job of noticing a suspicious eMail even more difficult so you have to take specific steps to ensure your employees are not unwittingly putting your data at risk.  


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