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Educate your employees now before it's too late
Security Awareness Training - Introduction Video

Introduction to Cyber Risk Aware 


This presentation introduces Cyber Risk Aware, the world’s most user-friendly security awareness platform, and the unique security training platform we’ve developed. Reduce the material risk of employee error, and meet your audit and regulatory requirements by creating your own user education and awareness program. The root cause of many cyber security attacks – phishing, ransomware, and fraud – lies in humans. Our solution provides a line of defense against cyber criminals by training your staff on how to recognise and defend against cyber risk.


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Cyber Security Awareness training Video Administration

Administration of Security Awareness Campaigns


This demonstration of the Cyber Risk Aware dashboard provides security and awareness training for the administration and management of our browser-based security awareness solution. Learn how to manage your scheduled security awareness training campaigns, gain insights on trainee progress, and more.

It’s easy to manage users and groups, and to set up data feeds to manage users individually and in bulk. Specify which users gain access to individual campaigns easily, and import your whole organization in seconds. Easy wizards help view goal progress and training depth.


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Security Awareness Training Phishing manager video

Introduction to Phishing Manager


Our cyber security awareness training includes a mock phishing simulation tool to let you set, schedule, and test company staff, including executives, on the dangers of phishing and ways to recognize it. In this video, you will see how to customize and craft templates to test user groups with varying needs, give direct feedback to users who click on malicious links, test which users will download dangerous attachments and provide real time intervention awareness.


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Customising Phishing Campaigns.jpg

Customising Phishing Campaigns


In this video explaining features of Cyber Risk Aware’s user-friendly security awareness platform, we teach advanced customized phishing simulation solutions. Customized mock phishing campaigns can provide real-time intervention awareness to organizations who need to provide targeted feedback for sophisticated users.


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Security Awareness Training Video Smishing

Introduction to SMiSHing


In this Cyber Risk Aware video we introduce the unique SMiSHing capability that is available in the platform. 

Learn how to set up SMiSHing campaigns to train and improve your staff's awareness of this fast growing threat.


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Security Awareness Training Training manager Video

Introduction to Training Manager


In this Cyber Risk Aware training video, learn how to manage employee security awareness training from within our platform, including managing user groups and training needs as required by the business.


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Security Awareness Training Quiz Manager Video

Introduction to Quiz Manager


In this video learn about how Cyber Risk Aware’s easy to use quiz manager helps test user groups on a vast array of issues in cyber security. A great deal of key content comes with your access to the platform, including USB awareness, spy awareness, social engineering, and more. Custom content can also be crafted to address concerns relating to the operations of your business.


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Security Awareness Training PhishhHUK Video

PhishHuk - Let your employee's report suspicious emails


The PhishHuk Outlook Phish Reporter for cyber risk and compliance reporting improves your security awareness training with a feature that allows users to report suspicious emails from within the Outlook platform.


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Security Awareness Training Preview Content Video

Preview Content


This video demonstrates the content preview capability within the platform.  This allows you to quickly see exactly how content you have created will appear to the end user whether that is a simulated phishing campaign or a training video.



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Security Awareness Training Customising Tokens Video

Customising Tokens


Creating compelling and realistic content is key to delivering effective campaigns. Using Tokens it is possible to create shareable content that can customise content in multiple campaigns and locations and manage it in a single instance. This video demonstrates how this is done.


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Cyber Security Awareness Training Webinar Video Image - Cast with Confidence Phishing Simulation

Webinar – Cast with Confidence – A Phishing Simulation Master Class


The Cyber Risk Aware team share their experience gained from running phishing simulation campaigns for companies across the globe. As well as hearing an update on the current phishing trends learn about the correct strategy, planning and implementation of such campaigns, learn about what to do afterwards and how to develop the correct security and data protection culture in your organisation.


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Realtime Continuos Awareness Webinar Title Slide

Webinar - How to Replace your Traditional Security Awareness Program with Real Time Continuous Awareness


Learn how to transform your Security Awareness training by integrating your training platform with your technical defences and deliver real time the right message to the right user at the point where they are attempting a risky behaviour.


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