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Ultimate Guide to Protecting Against Phishing Attacks

Despite all of the $71 Billion spent on technical defences Phishing remains the most common method for Cyber Criminals to penetrate your organisation.

In this Guide learn about the following 

  • The eight quickest ways to spot a phishing attack
  • The five key steps to stop phishing attacks
  • Six elements of effective phishing awareness training 
  • How to deliver an effective phishing awareness campaign

Effective Phishing Awareness programmes have proven to reduce risk by up to 80% within six months, emphasising the point that you cannot depend on technical defences alone

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If you use eMail you must proactively help your staff to avoid Phishing eMails.

The number and sophistication of attacks is increasing quickly. Companies have to be engaged and pro-active in order to help their staff avoid these dangers.  The consequences of not doing this are great. 


Prevention is always better than looking for a cure.

If you can’t stop Phishing attacks on your company or employee’s happening what can you do? The Research shows that training staff is the key difference in reducing your risk by up to 80%. Without that your technical defences will not be successful.


Engage your staff proactively in protecting your enterprise.

Boring 'tick in the box' training is not going to get the job done. You have to deploy a variety of content, simulations, reminders and assesments to keep your team engaged and committed to protecting the enterprise. 


What makes for an effective Phishing Awareness Programme?

Communications, Getting all departments working together is a key start. Conduct random simulations, if you don't test you won't know until it is too late.  Customise your Feedback. Commit to measurement and always use relevant and current data.