Educate your employees today, to protect your company from cyber criminals!

Cyber Risk Aware is a comprehensive security awareness training, phishing simulation and user knowledge assessment solution designed to measure the level of human risk and protect your business from being a victim of cybercrime. 

Cyber Risk Aware industry leading content automatically educates your employees' leading to long term behaviour change and up to a 90% reduction in security incidents caused by human error.

Why do employees need Cyber Security Education & Awareness training?

  • Cyber Criminals target your employees as they are  the  weakest link
  • Technical defences do not prevent  incidents  as it comes down to  user behaviour
  • 30% of phishing emails are opened with 12% opening attachments and  links
  • Ransomware attacks continue to rise (86% of these are a result of phishing)
  • Annual "compliance" tick the box training does not change user behaviour