Meet Our Team


Stephen Burke

Founder and CEO Cyber Risk Aware

Stephen loves standing with his laptop in front of graffiti that matches his tie. He started the company because of his passion of wanting to help others who don’t realise they need help, when it comes to cyber criminals targeting people.


Barry O’Sullivan

Chief Technology Officer

With over 20 years’ experience in software design and a passion for new technology, Barry is reshaping the matrix one bit at a time.


James O'Meara

Director of Data Visualisation and Analytics

James loves the drama of big data statistical analysis and musical theater.

With 25 years’ experience in Investment Banking, education and Security, James has a passion for helping organisations and industry identify human cyber security risk, meet their compliance requirements and plan their remediation strategy through the power of data analytics.


Charlie Dooley

Head of Customer Support

With a wealth of experience in Customer Support within the financial services sector, Charlie believes success is a journey, not a destination, ensuring every client’s experience has VIP status. When not in the office, Charlie likes to pretend she can play football and is a member of her local Gaelic for Mothers and Others team!! Where success is without a doubt the journey!!!


Gary Tracey

Head of Engineering

Gary has been with the company 1 year and it feels like 5. A key member of the development team. Gary has 12+ years’ experience in development and has a passion for problem solving and the occasional tikka sandwich.


Julie Lhanang

Information Security Awareness Evangelist

Julie Lhanang has more than 12 years experience working in IT. She is passionate about data privacy, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. Whether travelling across all of time and space, navigating the Kessel Run, or helping endusers be informed and vigilant to the ever evolving information security threat landscape, Julie is always raring to go. Allons-y!


Jennifer Nwaigwe

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications (across the digital and offline space) and brand management are just a few of Jennifer’s favorite things. She is passionate about Ideas, the human side of innovation and communication that inspires behavioral change. And when Jennifer is not scouring the web looking for interesting content or poring over a book, she can be found in her kitchen trying to adapt foreign recipes to her Nigerian palate.

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