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FREE WHITEPAPER: Cyber Risk is a Human Risk

Traditionally, organisations have relied exclusively on Processes and Technology for Cyber Security purposes, despite the fact 95% of all Cyber Attacks are the result of human error e.g. Clicking on malicious URLs in e-mails

Read how independent research has shown that targeting the People element of Cyber Security - via Cyber Security Awareness Training (including simulated Phishing Attacks) – can drastically reduce the likelihood of a successful Cyber
Attack via Phishing (the number #1 form of Cyber Attack) on your company. 

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If You Use eMail You Are A Target.

The Perception: ‘It’ll Never Happen to Me or My Company’  The Reality: ‘Every Person with Access to an E-mail Account ln Your Organisation Is a Potential Risk
And It Only Takes One Mistake For That Risk To Become A Reality‘.


Security incidents Have a Real Cost

Independent research has shown that the cost of a Cyber Attack to an organisation is proportionate to the
number of employees, with the average cost estimated at $395 USD Per Employee – Per Attack.


Phishing Remains the #1 Form Of Cyber Attack.

Numerous Studies Have Shown That Approximately 30% of All Phishing E-Mails Get Opened; 12% of Attachments or Links Get Clicked/Downloaded and a Further 12% Proceed To Disclose the Information Requested In the Phishing E-Mail. Cyber Criminals Have Known This for Years.


Cyber Criminals Target Individuals Not Systems

At The Core Of All Modern Business Operations Are Three Key Elements: People, Processes and Technology. In The Case Of Cyber Security, People Have Always Been The Weak Link.