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FREE REPORT: Discover Breached Company eMail Addresses

ECEC Report

 Worried about company email addresses and passwords being available on the dark web exposing you to Spear Phishing?

Many of your company email addresses and potentially associated passwords may be exposed on the internet and easy to find for cybercriminals. With such an email and password attack, cyber criminals can easily launch social engineering, “CEO impersonisation”, spear phishing and ransomware attacks on your company. 

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Discover Exposed Accounts

Deep "Dark Web" Searches

Find any publicly available company email credentials. This will show you what your company looks like to an external attacker, which they can use to craft specifically targeted spear phishing attacks.

Discover Exposed Accounts

Discover Exposed Accounts

Finds any users that have had their account information exposed in any of several hundred breaches. These users are particularly at-risk because an attacker knows more about that user, up to and including their actual passwords! 

Summary Report

Summary Report

Receive a summary report PDF of the number of exposed emails, identities and risk levels found. You will also get a link to the full detailed report of up to 1000 actual users found, including breach name and if a password was exposed.

“Premium” “Paid” ECEC Quarterly Reports

Premium Paid eMail Credential Exposure Quarterly Reports

We will email you a fully detailed report PDF on a quarterly basis of the number of exposed emails, identities and risk levels found in addition to relevant personal accounts that may also use the same password and are also available to hackers. The report will also include a breach name and if a password was exposed. For companies with over 1000 staff we will drill into the top and bottom 1%. For greater than 1000 staff we can discuss further.