Cyber Risk Aware

Cyber Risk Aware is unlike most other software security companies on the market today who just build and sell their products to their clients. Cyber Risk Aware, was founded by Stephen Burke, a former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Cyber Insurance Underwriting Advisor with over 20+ years experience. He knows first hand what it is like to be on the other side of the table, receiving umpteen sales emails, vendor demos and phone calls. It used to drive him mad and if you read LinkedIn, you can tell he is not alone.

Our goal is to only build and sell a product that our clients need. It is up to us to make you aware of what we do in a thoughtful way. Stephen, having faced numerous security incidents even though he invested heavily in technical defences, soon realised that staff and home users needed help in protecting themselves, their loved ones and of course their company network and data. Cyber Criminals have fully commercialised their operations and are no longer targeting systems directly but PEOPLE as they know they are the weakest link, predominantly through phishing emails.


Cyber Risk Aware was Established in January 2016

From there, Cyber Risk Aware has quickly gone from strength to strength. We have built the most user-friendly integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform on the market. We are Pro-User and Pro-Business. Security Awareness is an extremely necessary security control and also now a growing audit and legal requirement (E.g. PoPi Act, GDPR) for the business to comply with. We fully appreciate there is a cost in not only purchasing the product but also in delivering the program to staff. That is why our content never lasts more than 8-minutes (videos 1 minute) so it does not get in the way of staff performing their normal duties whilst also being highly enjoyable, interactive and engaging.  A lot different to the traditional 40-minute annual compliance training that staff have been subjected to for so long, which is highly ineffective and just a tick in the box exercise.

Thousands of users are using our product across the world and we just love hearing how easy the platform is to deploy and use, no matter whether you’re a techie or not. Helping large enterprises is extremely important to us but equally so is helping small and medium sized companies too, whose staff are actively being targeted daily by cyber criminals but who may not have large budgets nor technical staff to help defend themselves. Based on Stephen’s 20+ year first-hand hacking, malware and digital forensic experience, you now have a platform to help your staff reduce the material cyber risks of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks to your business.