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95% of security incidents are caused by human error!

Educate your employees now, to protect your company from cyber crime.


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Phishing and Ransomware Prevention - Security Awareness Platform

If you are looking to keep your employees informed on cyber security threats such as Phishing, Ransomware, CEO Fraud, Social Engineering, malicious code, we provide an inexpensive phishing simulation solution, security awareness and knowledge assessment content that educates and evaluates your team so that you can create a Human Firewall to protect your business.

Short Movies and interactive content keep your team engaged.  Our current content covers the following;

GDPR, Data Protection, PoPi Act, HIPAA, Phishing,  Ransomware, Social engineering, Malicious Attachments,  Spyware,  Inappropriate Emails, Clean Desk, Pop Ups,  Passwords, Removable Media,  Password Handling, HTTPS, Free WiFi, Printouts,   Tailgating,  Shoulder surfing,  Confidential Material,  USB key drop,  WiFI at home,  Unauthorised installs,   Chain mail,   Dumpster diving and  Key loggers.


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Mock Phishing Campaigns

Templates included or you can make your own

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Burst Mode

Allows multiple phishing templates to be sent

as a single campaign

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Training Audit and Reporting


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Video Training

High quality videos to maximize the

impact of security awareness campaigns

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Real Time Messaging

Incedent messages sent in real time 

as and when risky behaviour is detected

Spear Phishing Sample Video

Social Engineering Sample Video


Applegreen Plc utilised the Cyber Risk Aware solution to quickly assess and demonstrate to the business owners the risks associated with the increasing prevalence of Phishing emails and the importance of providing staff with effective Security Awareness Training. 

The deployment was very quick and our IT department were extremely impressed with the fact it was non-intrusive and simple to deploy. The ability to generate personalised phishing emails was simple and very effective.

 I can highly recommend the service.  


Vincent Nolan applegreen

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Apple Green Store in Ireland -Business Partner

The human firewall is the hardest firewall to manage and maintain but the most important. Security awareness never stops and using Cyber Risk Aware allows us to continually educate, test and train all our users.  Whenever the latest scam goes viral we are immediately able to simulate this attack  and raise staff awareness without compromising our network or users. 

Our IT Security Team have seen a significant reduction in requests from employees checking if an email is something legitimate or Spam/fraud as they are now more aware.  Cyber Risk Aware is a huge factor in delivering this education and awareness to the end user.


Séamus Hogan SMYTHS TOYS

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Myths-Cyber Risk Aware Business Partner